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Website building technologies

Building websites and web programming require the use of different types of technology, depending on what service the customer would like to create. There are many theories about which programming language is the best, but in fact, it is often the case that different languages are programmed in one project.

The choice of the technology that will lead the whole thing, on the other hand, depends mainly on the specifications and requirements that will be placed on the project planning stage. Let’s go through the different programming languages used to build websites and get to know them a little bit more.

Web building – What is the best technology?

Usually it is the software house’s responsibility to choose the technology that will work best when building a website or service. An interactive agency, suggesting the experience and competence of its employees, can flawlessly choose the programming languages and technologies that will work. Sometimes the client’s awareness of the technologies used contributes to a better understanding of the complexity of the website and the enormity of work that needs to be done in order to achieve the desired end result.

HTML – A language used as a basis for coding a website. It can be said to form its backbone. Technology usually supports programmers in building website content. However, when we hear about content for the first time we can wonder what exactly is done with the help of the above technology. Programmers meet with it from the very beginning of their learning. Later on, it is present almost all the time. He appears in various kinds of website designs and pages without letting us forget about his presence.

  • Text
  • Pictures on the site
  • Buttons of all kinds
  • Checklists
  • Links, or in other words hyperlinks
  • Future user editing fields

A website requires a certain amount of HTML. The language rightly considered as basic will help to create the foundations mentioned above and similar.

It is also worth mentioning that HTML code does not need a compiler. The case we are talking about is characteristic because the compiler is a web browser. The source code made in this language is open regardless of whether we are in contact with the website of a bank, a government organization or a company from the small and medium-sized enterprise sector.

CSS, or otherwise files and style sheets – Thanks to CSS we can complete the previously mentioned HTML code. It is with the help of this language that we determine the appearance of the previously described elements and their design, which will be seen by the end user using the service or website.

Websites programming languages – We move on to the mechanics and operation of the website

The look is one thing, but website programming languages must also ensure that all the functions, modules and actions desired by the customer work. The latest web development technologies make it possible to implement almost every solution you can imagine on the site.

The factors that determine the scope of the project and functionality that can be implemented at a certain stage of the project are usually the implementation time and the budget allocated by the customer. It is worth getting acquainted with programming languages, which allow to create advanced websites.

PHP – A website, an online store or a transactional service are many advanced actions to be performed by the user. The whole mechanics and actions must be coded beforehand, so that the user can reach his goals as soon as possible. Additionally, the interactive agency makes sure that the websites are compatible with the UX project.

Creating advanced web pages would be impossible without logic. We have in our agency programmers who specialize in this programming language, so we respond to the real expectations and needs of the market and customers from many industries.

The difference in the execution of PHP code is that in this case it is not the browser that renders us lines. The whole thing is placed on the server, to which our website and the user performing a specific action through it asks the server to do it. The server provides the executed action and allows the system to work properly. Locally there is not even one line of such code on the computer.

Technologies of creating websites in the service of the highest quality User Experience

Many people who think about characterizing given technologies when building websites may be surprised by the fact that there is a chance of such a large number of programming languages on one site.

All additional functionalities and elements of a page or a website strictly related to its browsing and interaction can be programmed in JavaScript. It is one of the most popular programming languages, which is also becoming one of the most user-centred on the market.

JavaScript will be used to create custom visual elements, sliders, unique galleries and other various aspects of eye pleasing. Most often it is this language and its coding specialists who fulfill the visions of the most creative designers and UX researchers who work in our interactive agency.