Evolution of website creation service

Today, the creation of the site is no longer the key to the success of business on the Internet. Long gone are the times when the mere presence of the site could stand out among competitors in its niche business. Even seo optimization of the site, is no longer a key factor in obtaining customers from the Internet.

So how has the evolution of this service during the development of the Internet in general?

The phrase “website creation as a factor of successful business” was relevant a couple of decades ago. Today, the necessary components for successful business development on the Internet are many factors. But, let’s still go through all the stages of development of this service before defining the key factors for today.

The era of “Website availability = competitive advantage”.

To make a statement about yourself is the first goal of any business. If no one knows about you, you will not get clients. At the dawn of the Internet, and then the emergence of search engines, the main factor was the very presence of the company on the Internet.

This made it possible to provide relevant information about the company, its activities, services and products for Internet users. When the site was still quite a rare phenomenon, its presence already gave the company a competitive advantage.

At this stage, even not so important was the quality of the site, the ability to easily manage it, change the content, as the main factor was already what it was, and it could be found in the search engine.

The era of “The presence of a site + external links = competitive advantage.

When the site has ceased to be something unique, and sites began to create all companies, the very presence of it ceased to be an advantage.

In search engines, there was competition, companies began to fight to ensure that their sites are ranked above the competitors’ site. At this stage, there were experts in the reference mass, which was engaged in placing (buying) links to third-party resources to increase the citation rate of the site.

This tactic worked long enough until specialists of search engine companies did not realize that it is necessary to update the algorithms of search and ranking information on the Internet.

This became clear when useless sites began to appear, designed solely for the sale of space for links, articles to other sites. While the algorithms were working according to the basic principles – “who is referred to more and cooler”, all that was needed to promote a site was to buy more links than a competitor. And it does not matter from what resources.

After updating the search algorithms, this strategy of site promotion began to fade slowly. To replace it, began to come more thoughtful and quality strategies.

The era of “Website availability + external links + optimization = competitive advantage”.

After the number of links has ceased to be the main factor in the promotion of the site (although it has not ceased to be one of the factors so far), the important thing was the qualitative optimization of the site. That is, now it was necessary not only to create a site, but also to make it as optimized in the eyes of search engines.

Here came to the fore the importance of such specialists as: programmer, seo-optimizer and copywriter. The optimizer determined the semantics of the site, selected key queries for the pages, set the task of the copywriter to write seo-texts. Here it is worth emphasizing the combination of “seo-texts”, because at this stage, in fact, it did not matter what was written on the page, it was important to have the right ratio of the percentage of keywords to the whole text.

Optimization of site texts, a set of reference mass, technical optimization of the site, these are the factors that gave the necessary effect to promote the site.

But this era of development of services to create and promote the site and business on the Internet is a thing of the past.

The era of “Give a man what he really needs and declare yourself.
Today, with all the digitalization of our world, to some extent, we return to the origins of marketing. Today you can’t already win the fight for the client from your competitors with the help of only the created site, or its promotion.