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Today, the technologies used to create websites evolve very quickly. Besides, the way users use these sites is also changing. It is also possible that your website was created many years ago and is currently lagging behind in terms of the latest standards.

For these and other reasons, companies decide to take the step of rebuilding a website. What else indicates that your website needs an advanced renovation?

Rebuilding a website – why is it worth to decide on it?

A website is the best marketing tool you have at your disposal. It represents your organization and is often the first contact between you and your customers. An outdated website can deter customers and cause problems that generate additional costs. Rebuilding a website can help you a lot as it often involves not only changing the overall appearance of the site but also upgrading some key elements like introducing a completely new content management system.

So let’s move on to discussing the reasons why you should decide to upgrade your website.

Problems with updating the website

When did you last update your website? This includes activities such as:

  • introducing new blog posts,
  • adding information about the new services you offer,
  • security updates.

If such actions are practically impossible for you or your team or take too much time, you need to upgrade your website. In many cases it will help to change or reinstall the CMS. Such a tool will greatly facilitate your website management.

No responsiveness

Does the current website follow the rules for responsive web design? Is it easily accessible from any type of device regardless of its resolution? If you have not been able to answer the above questions with a definite yes, this is another reason why it is worth to rebuild your website.

The question of responsiveness is very important because for a few years now the traffic generated on mobile devices on the Internet has been bigger than that generated on personal computers. So if your website does not display properly on mobile, you lose many potential customers.

Unclear call to actions and lack of optimization for conversions

Imagine you are visiting a grocery store. You finally manage to find everything you needed. You want to go to the checkout, but you can’t find it for nothing. Walking around the store, you just pass by the next shelves with the products. In such a situation you would certainly be very annoyed.

The same is true for people who visit your website if you don’t adjust it properly for sales. If the website does not help potential customers to close their actions, it is necessary to upgrade the website.

Lack of visual consistency

Have you recently modernized your company’s visual identity, but these changes have not been reflected in the website design? In this situation you do not maintain consistency in your marketing communication.

Although for some people such a state of affairs may simply be a bit of annoying triviality, the whole situation is much more serious. As mentioned at the beginning, the website is your best marketing tool. If you are not able to properly communicate with your customers and promote your brand with it, you lose a lot.

Using Flash technology

Flash technology has gained quite a lot of popularity, among others, in terms of web design. At some point, however, it began to meet with criticism, among other things, because it is not compatible with most devices that work on Google Android or iOS – this means, of course, no adaptation to mobile.

Therefore, if your website uses Flash as a whole or for certain elements, it can be a problem. This technology creates complications not only when operating on mobile devices, but also in the context of SEO, analytics or content management systems. In such a situation, rebuilding a website is even a necessity.

Website modernization

If some of the factors discussed here are related to your website, it will be very useful to renovate it. In many cases many problems can be solved by introducing CMS or switching to better technology of this type.