Big Data

Now, Big Data enables small businesses to make them more productive, more profitable and more powerful. SMEs have far less data than large network platforms such as Google or Facebook. But that doesn’t mean that mega data is out of reach.

In fact, in many ways, big data is better suited for SMBs. They are generally more agile and are able to act more quickly on data-based information.

The implementation of new solutions prevents some companies from committing to them, when this concern is not really justified.

In a recent survey of SMEs, 80% of respondents indicated that the deployment of this technology is easier than expected, and 70% of companies say that the returns on investment in these technologies exceed their expectations.

The implementation and investment of Big Data!

Before discussing the benefits of Big Data, it is important to raise a point that most small and medium sized businesses have misunderstood:

There is a perception that only large companies can afford analytics platforms and the return on investment does not always justify the cost of the investment. This was true in the early days of Big Data, but it is simply not true today. Easy to implement tools are available for all forms of business.

Use Big Data in your business to take advantage of the speed of the market and your customers’ close relationships.
On the other hand, small businesses can achieve long-term success by leveraging their agility; simplifying work, transforming the customer experience, especially when they plan to grow.

Now, we know it’s easy and cost-effective to invest in Big Data technologies and bring more efficiency to your business.

Big Data improves your operations and makes you more efficient.

It is quite logical to think that Big Data is about processing large volumes of data. In fact, the efficiency of Big Data is not only related to the volume, but also to the method of data processing.

Big Data can considerably improve your SMB with its fast capacity to…

  • Collect,
  • Structuring,
  • Analyze and apply the huge amounts of data from different sources.

By reviewing all the operational data your company has collected over the years and analyzing it effectively, you can streamline your operations.

Big Data ensures the cybersecurity of your website.

Be aware that a cyber attack may cause you to go out of business because the cost of cleaning up after a breach can be exorbitant. Cyber security depends largely on risk management and actionable information from the analysis of voluminous data. While having tools that can analyze data is essential, it is not enough if they cannot automate tasks and get critical data to the right people quickly.

Bulky data analysis, combined with network flows, logs and system events, can detect irregularities and suspicious activity on your website. Small and medium-sized businesses account for 58% of victims of cyber attacks ! So make sure that Big Data and cyber security are as important as other aspects of your business process.

Data usage ensures scalability.

This is the first reason that generates the need for Big Data in the first place. Implementing a Big Data architecture means that your cloud infrastructure will grow with your business with no extra effort and allows you to focus your resources on your core business.

Big Data lets you discover your customers’ behaviors.

Thanks to Big Data and social networks, which are an integral part of the data-driven world, data is your best benchmark to understand your customers’ needs, get a more complete view of your customers…

  • What motivates them?
  • Why do they buy?
  • How do they prefer to navigate?
  • Why do they change stores?
  • What will they buy next?
  • Why do they recommend this company and not the other?

You will also be able to better communicate with your customers by responding to feedback to propose your offer.

Recently, companies using Big Data have sought to cover not only social networks, but also thematic resources (communities, forums, etc.) and geographic location (without violating generally accepted privacy rules).

The comic pushes you to adopt quick thinking.

Big Data helps companies to access high quality details on time. The use of Machine Learning provides small and medium-sized businesses with the expertise and experience to adapt to real-time changes and make changes simultaneously. This is one of the areas where large companies are lagging behind. Traditional hierarchy and strict compliance within the workplace are the cause. As a result, your website is more attractive and the user experience becomes more enjoyable when you take action to address the specific concerns of your users, including speed of response.

Data analysis enables effective marketing campaigns.

Until recently, analyzing and predicting trends in small and medium-sized businesses was often reduced to “instinct”. Now, Big Data eliminates much of the uncertainty in this process. Every day, hot topics are being discussed on Facebook and Twitter. They make it easier than ever to define what people like and want. This in turn allows you to design more tailored and personalized marketing campaigns for a better return on investment.

Big Data helps you better understand your competitors.

To be successful, you need to gain an additional advantage over your competitors. This is precisely where Big Data analysis services and solutions come in. Competitive data is collected and analyzed to inform your marketing activity to gain valuable insights.

So you are up to date on what your competitors are doing. How do they attract their audience and how well do their strategies work?

Big Data improves your human resources services.

Big Data enables small and medium sized businesses to have an effective recruitment and motivation process.

  • Absenteeism figures.
  • Productivity data.
  • Personal development reviews.
  • Employee satisfaction data…

Big Data at the center of your business model.

Data can become an integral part of your business model. It allows you to create exciting new ways to improve sales and generate revenue. You have many opportunities to monetize the data you generate by providing value-added services or selling data to customers or third parties.

Now, you’re limiting yourself to digital marketing technologies or pre-Big Data is an unnecessary battle. You will waste a lot of time without Big Data. Small businesses have a golden opportunity to proactively participate in Big Data solutions. By being one step ahead and with new technologies; they gain a competitive advantage in the exponentially evolving modern market.

Big Data allows you to improve the marketing of the future of your company! So don’t wait any longer and start getting results!