Augmented reality: The future of technology

Augmented reality is an imaginary reality. Or Real Reality is augmented reality. Either way, we can live in a matrix at all and not guess about anything. Strangely enough, for some reason, the very notion of “reality” has always attracted the reflection of the biggest minds of this planet. And now it is our humble turn to talk about augmented reality. Let’s not bore you with an introduction and get to the point right away.

Augmented reality – what is it?

Augmented Reality is a promising technology that introduces into our three-dimensional perception of reality elements of virtual information that we perceive as part of real life. Roughly speaking, we no longer understand where reality is and where the artificially created elements are. The augmented reality technology, although not new, still surprises people.

How does it work?

Augmented reality has three features: firstly, it combines virtual and real, secondly, it works in 3D and thirdly, it exists in real time. All these are the hallmarks of AR, so to use it you need a lot of different tools: processor, display, camera and electronics, such as accelerometer, GPS and compass, and touch smartphone.

There are a large number of augmented reality applications that, in principle, operate on the same circuit, which is what it is. First, you need to use a special tag, which can then be read by the phone or computer, and after reading it on the screen of the device is played a layer of additional information.

As you understand, using augmented reality is not a tricky thing, but why all this? We used to live without it somehow and were happy, but what has changed now? A question on a question, and the answer is in the next section.

Where is the augmented reality used?

The perspectives of augmented reality, as you understand it, are limitless. With the active development of this technology, we will be able to use it in absolutely any sphere of human activity. Isn’t it beautiful?

These are the spheres that have already adopted the augmented reality:

  • Marketing and advertising sphere. Advertising quite actively uses augmented reality in its activities. It is used, for example, in store windows, in dressing rooms. There are also interactive kiosks and promo-stands. Such advertising companies attract public attention, which is very good for the advertised product. It is not bad enough when a person can evaluate a product in three dimensions, look at it from all angles, and thus make a more complete picture of the studied product.
  • Wow-effect. Who likes to use augmented reality the most? Cinematography, of course, but as it turned out, there are also a few fast ones: concerts, entertainment, shows, as well as exhibition and event industry.
  • Education. If only nowadays it were possible to use augmented reality for educational purposes. Ehh, well, at least our children are lucky! Such textbooks will be much more interesting, you just need to hover your smartphone, and the child will have a virtual character on the screen. Also augmented reality can be used in games and applications for training skills and knowledge. After all, such training will be interesting and this is the main advantage!
  • Architecture and construction. Areas in which the use of augmented reality is not just an innovation, but a necessity. This is a huge advantage in the production process, because at the planning stage you can already see the finished project, which significantly reduces the risks.
  • Biology and archaeology. Art and design. Exhibitions and museum activities. Video installations. And this is not the whole list, there is no sense in continuing it, it is endless.

What are the advantages?

We will probably not be able to announce the whole list, but in general we will outline a little:

  1. Positive emotions of consumers. What will the delight and surprise prevent you? The main thing is that the consumer will associate your brand with something good.
  2. Interactivity, you are involved in the process, which increases the level of trust in the brand much more.
  3. Unobtrusive information that is easy to remember because it is easy, playful and comfortable to present.
  4. The use of gadgets, which for a modern person who is already without them, is certainly a plus.
  5. Viral advertising. Someone saw how some brand uses the augmented reality, told a friend, and the other one and it went on. The brand by ear, the attention to the product and the advertising campaign was successful.
  6. Connection between Digital and offline.
  7. Examination of the product in three-dimensional format.
  8. Wow-effect – creates a good impression of a product or service.
  9. Expanding the target audience.
  10. Increasing loyalty.

Augmented Reality is always cool. This is our future, to which you need to get used gradually and confidently. Step by step.